Central Anatolian Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association wasestablished in 1991 withthe purpose of increasingexports, promotingprofessional solidarity,organizing the Professionalactivities and relationsof exporters, findingsolutions to their problems,and providing guidance.The total number ofmembers of CentralAnatolian Cereals, Pulses,Oil Seeds and ProductsExporters’ Association isapproximately 2200.


Türkiye has great potential for agricultural production, and is one of the major producers of cereal-based products in the world. Cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products there of sector has 4,5% share in Türkiye’s total exports. Cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products thereof sector accounts for 34% of total exports of agricultural products.


The most important export items of the sector are wheat flour, sunflower oil, biscuit, pasta, confectionery, cocoa and cocoa preparations. The most important export markets are the Middle East, Far East, North African Countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Wheat is produced all over our country and has considerable importance due to the very big population of producers and due to its being a staple food for the majority of the population. Per capita annual consumption of wheat is 177 kg in our country.


Türkiye’s wheat flour sector has high production capacity, making Türkiye the world’s top exporter of flour. Approximately 600 wheat flour factories in Türkiye are active in production. The flour industry has an estimated annual production capacity of 30 million tons, with the capacity utilization rate averaging around 50%. In the exports of wheat flour which is the most important product of flour and bakery products sector of our country, Türkiye has been ranking first since the year 2005 to date.


Pasta is one of Türkiye’s most competitive food sectors, with its production and quality recognized in international markets. Since durum wheat can be produced in our country, Türkiye has a strategic advantage in pasta production. Türkiye ranks 3rd in the world pasta production and 2nd in the Europe after Italy.


Biscuit industry has a production capacity of around 840 thousand tons, and has gained momentum in the recent years, enhancing its quality and varieties, applying scientific methods,and modernizing its technology. Creating the highest value added among the cereal-based products, the biscuit sector is the focus of particularly exportoriented investments.


The demand for sugar and confectionery sector is expected to show regular increases in the future years since Türkiye has a young population and since the existing consumption level is low. The sector accounts for around 9% of the exports of the cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products sector. The vegetable oil industry has significant production capacity, with its products being exported to many countries.


The exports are destined mainly to the following regions: Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States, North and Central Africa.





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