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Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group identifies target markets at workshop held in Antalya

Upon invitation of Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group (TFYI), “Flour and Bakery Products Group Workshop” was held between 16-18 December 2016 in Antalya/SuSesi Resort Hotel Belek with attendance of 160 persons consisting of the representatives of firms exporting products covered by TFYI, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry-General Directorate of Food and Control, and Turk Eximbank.

Organized with the purpose of recounting the activities realized by TFYI in the year 2016 to the sectoral representatives, giving information and exchanging views about the projects and activities to be carried out in the forthcoming period in order for the products covered by TFYI to take the place they deserve in the world markets with Made-in-Turkey brand and for brand building for the said products at international level and identifying target markets, the workshop began with a speech delivered by Mr. Muharrem SELÇUK, Acting General Director for Food and Control-Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, followed by TFYI Chairman Mr. Turgay ÜNLÜ making an opening speech and giving a presentation assessing all activities of TFYI in the year 2016. During the presentation, information was given to the attendees about the “Quality Certification System”, which is one of the most important activities to be executed by TFYI in the upcoming period and which is planned to increase the exports of products with high value added/Made-in-Turkey brand perception.

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Prof. Dr. Erol H. ÇAKMAK made a presentation on the developments in agricultural and food markets in the world and in Turkey and on TFYI products. Then, a presentation was given by TFYI brand consultant Mr. Güven BORÇA, TFYI consultants Prof. Dr. Hamit KÖKSEL, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sertaç ÖZER and Mr. Hakan ESEN providing information on “Akademiun” Project planned to be put into application by TFYI to ensure quality standards in the sector and encourage the exports of products and brands at a level befitting Turkish flour and bakery products in the target and existing markets, and exchanging views with the sectoral representatives.

Economist Dr. Can Fuat GÜRLESEL made a presentation on the prospects concerning the world and Turkish economy and flour and bakery products markets, and answered the questions of the attendees in connection with the economic prospects.

Then, a presentation was given by Mr. Güven BORÇA on the target markets identified by TFYI, and opinions of the sectoral representatives were obtained with discussion and voting method about the identification of the target countries and the activities considered useful to be carried out in such countries.

The workshop saw instant sharing through social media accounts, which can be followed from the following social media accounts of the promotion group:



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