Initial Trials of Quality Certification System Project

The secretariat services carried out by our Association and the Flour Products Promotion Group are carried out in the pilot project of "Quality Certification System Project" carried out in the Philippines, including the production of flour with the qualities specified by the Turkish companies exporting wheat flour and presenting this flour to the stage; The first containers made from 29 May to 1 June 2017 were tested for the production of various bakery products specific to the Philippines in seven separate operations, consisting of bakeries and bakery chains. As a result of the tests, the operators expressed satisfaction with the quality of the flour and the final product that was sent.

Due to the law governing the liquidation of sectoral promotional groups operating in the presence of the Exporters' Unions and the enactment of the income and other rights and assets of the promotional activities in the Promotion Group of Turkey, The trials were undertaken by our Association.



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